Slow Web Page Load Time? Need Help?

Slow Web Page Load Time? Need Help?

We understand how you want your Brisbane website to attract clients, thus you invest in better design and high-quality content. But unless your SEO Website Company of choice in Brisbane knows exactly the value of page load time, then your efforts will simply go down the train.

TRUE! A beautiful website is priceless, but it will not deliver the results you want unless you make it rank to the top of search engine page results page.


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How does a slow page load time affect your page rank?


Brisbane websites with a slow page loading time receive very high bounce rates, simply because people searching online don’t have that much time to wait for a website to load.

At an average, your site should be loading in no more than four seconds. Any site that loads longer than five seconds is doomed to receive a failing mark from Google. With that mark, you will definitely find it difficult to rank in Google.

When this happens, your website Brisbane will be experiencing the following:

1. Reduced website revenue

With fewer people visiting your website Brisbane, lesser opportunities to engage in a sell is to be expected.

bounce rate and slow page speed

2. Moves your page down the page rank

Since one of the page algorithms affecting a website’s page ranking in Google is page speed, you will expect lower merits given to you by these search engine. This happens not only for Google and Bing but even in social media pages.

3. Decreased online reputation

Your brand can also get affected. With more people shying away from your site because of poor page loading time, some of your customers may even leave negative reviews online because of the poor online experience you’ve given them.

How do you solve these very slow page loading time?

These tips are helpful in keeping your page load time faster:

  1. Avoid too much use of JS and CSS files, as well as heavy images
  2. Refrain from using unnecessary plug-ins, themes and social media scripts
  3. Check your server configuration to ensure it is at it fastest

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