Unlocking the Success of Digital Marketing: Exploring Why Companies in Brisbane are Choosing Virtual Promotion Over Traditional Advertising Techniques

Unlocking the Success of Digital Marketing: Exploring Why Companies in Brisbane are Choosing Virtual Promotion Over Traditional Advertising Techniques

Unlocking the Success of Digital Marketing: Exploring Why Companies in Brisbane are Choosing Virtual Promotion Over Traditional Advertising Techniques

Have you ever wondered why companies in Brisbane are ditching traditional marketing methods and embracing digital marketing? The answer lies in the unparalleled opportunities that digital marketing offers. 

In this article, we will dive deep into the reasons why companies are using digital marketing and how it has become the secret behind their success. Buckle up and let’s uncover the secrets of why digital marketing is the way to go for businesses in today’s world.

digital marketing strategy

Why Do Brisbane Companies Prefer Digital Marketing

Are you tired of spending big bucks on traditional marketing methods without seeing the results you want? Enter digital marketing – the cost-effective, targeted solution that helps you build your brand image and connect with potential customers on the go.

In her published article on the Daily Scanner, Jessica Peters shares:

“The opposite of digital marketing is traditional marketing. The traditional form of marketing is seen to be more costly than digital marketing, whether through radio broadcasts, TV, magazine, newspaper, etc. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are familiar with digital marketing as most of these digital means are free and more effective compared to traditional marketing. e.g., email marketing, content marketing, video marketing on YouTube and social media, etc.”

With digital marketing, you can reach specific audiences based on factors like age, gender, behaviors, interests, and education. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a dime. Social media, email marketing, and video advertising all come at little-to-no cost, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Plus, digital marketing is measurable and analyzable, so you always know how your brand is performing. And with over 13 billion mobile phones worldwide, you can reach potential customers anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to traditional marketing woes and hello to digital success – it’s simple, effective, and budget-friendly.

What We Have To Say

Digital marketing is a cost-effective, targeted solution that helps you build your brand image and reach potential customers all over the world. With digital strategies like social media, email marketing, and video ads, you can engage with relevant audiences without breaking the bank – plus you get to see how your campaigns are performing in real-time. From small businesses to global corporations, there’s no doubt that digital marketing will continue to revolutionize the way brands promote their products and services. 

So if you’re looking for creative, successful ways to market your business without breaking the bank – consider investing in digital marketing today. And of course, don’t forget to look out for our latest digital news updates and bookmark our website – we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Google at the Forefront of AI-powered customer support strategy

Google at the Forefront of AI-powered customer support strategy

Google at the Forefront of AI-powered customer support strategy: Implications for Businesses and the Importance of Developing Internal Expertise

Google is integrating new artificial intelligence technology (AI-powered customer support strategy) into its advertising products to enhance revenue and customer support, according to internal documents obtained by CNBC

“Beyond search, email and spreadsheets, Google wants to use generative AI offerings to increase spending to boost revenue and improve margins, according to the documents. An AI-powered customer support strategy could potentially run across more than 100 Google products, including, Google Play Store, Gmail, Android Search and Maps, the documents show.”

The company has given the go-ahead to incorporate generative AI fueled by large language models (LLMs) to automate advertising and ad-supported consumer services. Google has also been testing PaLM 2 to provide video ideas for YouTube creators and generate titles and descriptions for youth content.

AI Powered Customer Support Strategy News Image

How AI-powered customer support strategy can help Brisbane business owners?

The search giant is planning to use generative AI offerings across 100 of its products to boost revenue and improve margins. Including Google Play Store, Gmail, Android Search and Maps. On May 23, Google is expected to unveil its latest AI-powered ad solutions at its annual event, Google Marketing Live.

Facebook parent Meta has also recently unveiled its AI Sandbox, a testing playground for advertisers to trial new generative AI-powered ad tools. AI will be a central theme at Google’s upcoming annual event, Google Marketing Live, which will feature new AI-powered ads solutions.

What We Have To Say About AI-powered customer support strategy

Google’s decade-long journey into AI continues to bear fruit. As the company moves towards AI solutions, companies should begin exploring potential applications of these new technologies in their own businesses as soon as possible. 

Unlike many other major technology providers, Google has made AI integration and innovation a core part of its business strategy. Until now, the company has rolled out improvements in products such as Gmail and maps, but with hundreds of products to choose from, the possibilities that could be harnessed through generative AI are vast.


We’re looking forward to Google Marketing Live on May 23rd with anticipation; where we expect to gain more insight on how the company plans to use their AI capabilities moving forward. That said, it is important for companies to remember that they cannot rely on external developments alone. They must develop an understanding of AI models internally by deepening the technical knowledge of staff and experts. 

Keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming down the pipeline from major tech companies like Google and stay one step ahead if you want to reap all the benefits that these latest technologies can bring. 

Look out for our upcoming digital news update if you don’t want to miss anything! Make sure to bookmark our website for quick access.

Slow Web Page Load Time? Need Help?

Slow Web Page Load Time? Need Help?

We understand how you want your Brisbane website to attract clients, thus you invest in better design and high-quality content. But unless your SEO Website Company of choice in Brisbane knows exactly the value of page load time, then your efforts will simply go down the train.

TRUE! A beautiful website is priceless, but it will not deliver the results you want unless you make it rank to the top of search engine page results page.


No to slow page load time


How does a slow page load time affect your page rank?


Brisbane websites with a slow page loading time receive very high bounce rates, simply because people searching online don’t have that much time to wait for a website to load.

At an average, your site should be loading in no more than four seconds. Any site that loads longer than five seconds is doomed to receive a failing mark from Google. With that mark, you will definitely find it difficult to rank in Google.

When this happens, your website Brisbane will be experiencing the following:

1. Reduced website revenue

With fewer people visiting your website Brisbane, lesser opportunities to engage in a sell is to be expected.

bounce rate and slow page speed

2. Moves your page down the page rank

Since one of the page algorithms affecting a website’s page ranking in Google is page speed, you will expect lower merits given to you by these search engine. This happens not only for Google and Bing but even in social media pages.

3. Decreased online reputation

Your brand can also get affected. With more people shying away from your site because of poor page loading time, some of your customers may even leave negative reviews online because of the poor online experience you’ve given them.

How do you solve these very slow page loading time?

These tips are helpful in keeping your page load time faster:

  1. Avoid too much use of JS and CSS files, as well as heavy images
  2. Refrain from using unnecessary plug-ins, themes and social media scripts
  3. Check your server configuration to ensure it is at it fastest

Here at MBusiness Solutions, we value the beauty of your website without compromising its SEO elements. Send us a message for a FREE Audit of your website. Click here to schedule an appointment with us.

Social Media Marketing Brisbane Tips

Social Media Marketing Brisbane Tips

Do you feel like your social media marketing efforts in Brisbane are not giving the profit you deserve? You may be losing on some valuable campaign strategy. Read on to know how the experts are doing it.

Social Media Marketing Brisbane Tips from Digital School of Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brisbane Tips

“When designing your campaigns,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing, “a good idea is to hook what you’re trying to say on significant days in the calendar. For example, if you have a product that’s focused on youth it would be a good idea to develop a marketing and sales campaign for this in June as this month is focused on youth.”

This is very much true, especially if you are relying on social media to gain product and service attention. Thus, it is important to plot your product campaigns in advance and fit it into expected events in your target customer’s calendar.

Do you need help with your social media marketing Brisbane campaign? Let’s talk.